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PepperAlarm - The Robber Stopper
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PepperAlarm - The Robber Stopper
PepperAlarm - The Robber Stopper

PEPPERALARM™ is completely different from other alarm systems because this unique alarm device provides IMMEDIATE PROTECTION.

When the wireless, do-it-yourself burglar alarm system is activated by an intruder, it instantly disburses pepper spray into the air of the area to be protected, forcing the thief to turn around and flee – empty handed

This device was originally developed to DEFEND businesses after hours, however, it can also be applied to protect UNOCCUPIED homes, cabins, garages, trailers, yachts, RVs, service vehicles, workshops, construction site tool cribs, anywhere safety and security is deemed to be a high priority.

It is known that most pepper sprays leave hard to remove stains and are therefore not suited for indoor applications.  That is why we are pleased to recommend Guardian CLEAR, a potent, environmentally safe, non-lethal, and most importantly, clear pepper spray that leaves little to no residue.

PEPPERALARM is like having an armed guard posted INSIDE your premises, protecting your investments, inventory and valuables when you’re NOT AROUND.


PEPPERALARM™ provides peace of mind because you will know without a doubt you, your premises and your valuables are safe and secure. Best of all, there is no contract to sign or monthly monitoring fee required.



  • designed for INDOOR applications
  • FCC certification
  • ARM/DISARM via remote key fob
  • wireless, easy do-it-yourself installation
  • quick installation – less than 15 minutes
  • no monthly monitoring fee
  • no contract to sign
  • built-in PIR motion detector
  • WARNING strobe lights with loud siren
  • PANIC (hold-up) mode capability
  • concealed emergency shut off switch
  • adjustable ENTRY time delay
  • 90 second EXIT time delay
  • battery operated
  • low battery indicator
  • automatic reset
  • compact and discreet – 5″W x 9 3/4″ L x 3″ D
  • easy load of canister and batteries without tools
  • accommodates various sizes of MK3 fliptop canisters
  • world-wide patent pending


PEPPERALARM™  effectively STOPS thieves from stealing IMMEDIATELY!




PIC 1 box artwork

> One PEPPERALARM™ dispenser

> Three (3) wireless arm/disarm key fobs

> Two mounting screws

> Written operating instructions

> 3 exterior vinyl WARNING decals

CURRENT PROMOTION and for a limited time included in the package is

1 (one) only 4 oz. FREE canister of Guardian CLEAR pepper spray from GUARDIAN PROTECTIVE DEVICES.



Most MK3 flip top canisters (as shown) fit into the PEPPERALARMdevice. However, for indoor applications we highly recommend GUARDIAN CLEAR OC VAPOR because it was developed for use indoors.

The non-lethal, commercial grade clear pepper spray is environmentally safe, meeting all national and international air quality guidelines – little to no ozone depletion, is completely clear with minimal clean-up required, as there is virtually little to no residue or hard to remove stains. It is manufactured in a D.o.D. approved facility by GUARDIAN PROTECTIVE DEVICES in West Berlin, NJ, USA. 



This wireless device is easily installed in less than 15 minutes using a Phillips head screwdriver (wall screws supplied). This wireless device can be placed almost anywhere but we recommend placing it above an exterior door facing inwards toward the area you want to protect.

USER FRIENDLYkeyfob-a-d-150x161

For best results face toward the device and point the key fob directly at it from a range of 8 to 12 feet away. The red button ARMS the device and the green button DISARMS it.

PEPPERALARM can also be used as an emergency PANIC alarm. Press both buttons at the same time and hold for 3 seconds.






Price:$397.00 Sale! $325.00

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