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Mace Personal Alarm Keychain
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Mace Personal Alarm Keychain
Mace Personal Alarm Keychain

Choosing the right self-defense device can be difficult given the many different selections that can be made. One of the simplest and most effective is the personal alarm that sounds off a very loud warning which will get the attention of anyone within earshot. The Mace Personal Alarm Keychain offers this type of protection for a low, affordable price.


This is a device you can use as your keychain which means that it will always be within easy reach. It also sports a very loud alarm that can be activated by the press of the large button on the side. However, what makes this alarm system different is that deactivating it requires pressing the smaller button on the back as opposed to pressing the larger button again.

Because it is more difficult to shut off, an attacker will often give up and flee because they cannot silence the alarm fast enough unless they know to press the other, smaller button on the opposite side. This simple, effective system means that even if they get the alarm away from you, they cannot shut it off quickly.

In addition to being hard to defeat, the alarm itself is quite loud and stops an attacker in their tracks as they protect their ears. This is designed to buy you more time while alerting others to your current situation. Since the possibility of others in the area coming to the sound of the alarm is strong, the first instinct of many assailants is to flee the scene. Thus, it provides you with good protection that does no permanent damage.


There are several benefits that this device brings, especially for those who are not comfortable using pepper spray or similar device.

-       Easy to Use

-       Difficult to Defeat

-       Fast Access

-       Loud Alarm

-       Breaks Up Attack

In addition, it can be used in conjunction with other self-defense devices. Setting off the alarm may buy you precious seconds to pull the pepper spray or other device so you can better protect yourself. In addition, it is also inexpensive, one of the lowest priced alarms you can purchase for self-defense and can fit easily on your keychain.

Arguably the main benefit is the loud alarm which delivers what attackers and assailants do not want, attention. The alarm is unmistakable and will call attention to anyone nearby who may come to help or call the authorities to bring assistance. In any case, the decibel level is enough to create a delay which may buy you the seconds needed to pull another device or get away.


For those who are not comfortable with using pepper sprays or want another type of self-defense device, the Mace Personal Alarm Keychain offers ample warning while dissuading a possible attacker. The non-lethal nature of the alarm serves to ward off an attack and bring others to the scene quickly. Plus, since the device is on your keychain, it can be pulled and used in seconds which means that even when surprised you might still have enough time to react and set off the alarm.

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