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Mace Police Pepper Spray
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Mace Police Pepper Spray
Mace Police Pepper Spray

This Pepper Spray is the police strength formula. Police Strength Pepper Spray includes an easy aim finger-grip feature that makes this model ideal for emergency use, a flip-top safety cap and keychain. Compact design fits comfortably in a woman's hand. These "mini" pepper sprays are ideal for carrying in a purse, shirt pocket, boot, vehicle or handheld concealment for close-in encounters.

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Mace Pepper Spray Specifications:

  • Mace Size: 18 grams
  • Pepper Spray Mace Pattern: Stream
  • Pepper Spray Mace Distance: 8-12 feet
  • Number of Mace Pepper Sprays: (15 - 20) one second bursts
  • Pepper Spray Warranty: 2 years
  • Customer Satisfaction: 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

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NOTE: We can not ship pepper spray internationally or to the state of New York.

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