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Self Defense And Public Transportation - Are You Safe?

Millions of people depend on public transportation to take them to school or work. If you're one of them, then you definitely understand how scary this preposition can often become. Regardless of whether you ride a bus, train, or rapid transit system, you will come face to face with thousands of strangers during your commute. How can you protect yourself from the possible dangers?

First, carry pepper spray or a stun gun. Everyone, regardless of their mode of transporttion, should carry a self defense device. You could end up face to face with danger almost anywhere, including at home, walking through a parking lot, or while on the bus. If you have a stun gun or personal alarm in your pocket or purse, you stand a much better chance of escaping unharmed.

Don't rely on the driver to protect you. Too many people assume that the driver will immediately come to their aid, but the driver is paying much more attention to the road than to the passengers sitting ten rows behind them. The bus driver can't stop "dangerous looking" people from getting on the bus. Still, if you feel that you are in danger, alert the driver to the situation.

Always sit near the front rows of the bus. Even though the driver's attention is not directed towards the passengers, the front of the bus tends to be safer. You can summon help if needed, or make a quick exit to get away from potential danger.

Pay attention to others on the bus. Instead of reading or sleeping, watch people getting on and off the bus, and pay attention to where they sit. Be wary of those who sit unusually close to you in an otherwise empty bus.

Know the bus route before you leave so that you know how to get to the destination and what time the bus will come. Do not rely on strangers for directions and travel advice. Pay attention so that you know when your stop is coming up and don't miss it. Try to plan your route so that you don't pass through dangerous areas, and so that you reach your destination before dark. Try to get off the bus at a well-lit stop near lots of other people, if possible.

Be cautious when getting off the bus. If someone who looks suspicious gets off at the same stop, be sure they aren't following you. If you think someone might try to follow you when you get off the bus, stay on the bus until you feel it's safe to get off.

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