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Are Nonlethal Weapons Effective?

When it comes to self defense weapons, there are two broad categories: lethal, and nonlethal. Many people have a difficult time justifying the use of lethal force when when their life is in danger. On the other hand, thee are also people who question whether a nonlethal device will be effective at stopping the attack. Are nonlethal self defense products able to get the job done?

Nonlethal devices are actually a great option, especially for those who would be too scared to use a gun, knife, or other potentially lethal device even in the face of a potentially deadly altercation. Nonlethal alternatives such as pepper spray or a stun gun are easy to use without training, even in the heat of the moment. When in a self defense situation, there is little room for error if you want to escape unscathed. Nonlethal self defense devices are likely to work even if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Unlike using a knife or a gun, you don't have to aim at specific spots on your attacker in order to take them down instantly. In a self defense situation, a nonlethal product may actually work better than one that is able to inflict lethal harm. Remember that self defense products must be used to be effective. If you're too scared to try using your knife or gun, it will be completely ineffective.

Many people would be too afraid to shoot an attacker, even when carrying a gun. You would probably be more comfortable, and therefore more confident, when using pepper spray or another nonlethal self defense product. You'll be much more likely to actually use one of these than a gun. There are situations in which you need the altercation to stop quickly, but don't want to kill the attacker. This is one of the reason why pepper spray and TASER devices are so popular with law enforcement.

Pepper spray is a perfect choice for bringing down attacking animals or people without inflicting lasting harm. Anyone who says that a stun gun or pepper spray won't be effective has not seen these devices in action. With either type of device, your attacker will be brought to his knees instantly. There is just no way to override the effects with will-power or any other strategy. These devices are well over 90 percent effective; police studies have even demonstrated that a TASER device can stop an attacker faster than a 9mm handgun.

Nonlethal self defense products are so effective that they are carried by countless military units, police departments, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. You'll probably notice at least one of these devices if you look closely at the equipment belts worn by your local police force. They are used every day, all around the world, by officers who are also armed with guns. It can be hard to know which products you can rely on, especially with so many self defense products out there. Pepper spray, stun guns, and TASER devices can all be effective at stopping any attacker. The choice is up to you and which device you would be more comfortable carrying and using.

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