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Pepper Spray FAQ

Pepper spray is one of the most popular products designed for self defense. It is simple to use, affordable, and easy to carry with you at all times, making it a convenient way to enable yourself to stop a potentially violent situation. When evaluating your self defense options, pepper spray canisters should be at the top of your list. Before purchasing pepper spray, make sure all of your questions have been answered. Here are the questions everyone has been asking about pepper spray:

Who carries pepper spray?

Pepper spray isn't just for police officers or mail carriers anymore. It makes a great choice for nearly everyone, from hunters at risk of wild animal attacks to suburban families who want to feel safe when out shopping. Pepper spray is particularly popular with those who feel uncomfortable using violence, even to defend themselves. A pepper spray canister can protect anyone from attacks by people or animals in any situation, making it a great all-purpose self defense product.

What kinds of pepper spray canisters are made?

Pepper spray comes in everything from a mini keychain canister to large canisters designed to be kept inside the home to stop home invasions or burglaries. Pepper spray even comes disguised in canisters shaped like pens, jogging weights, or other everyday products. Select the size and type that you're likely to carry with you so that you have it when you need it. Remember, like all self defense products, pepper spray is only useful if you have it with you when you are attacked.

How do pepper spray canisters work?

When you are faced with a dangerous situation, simply aim the canister at your attacker's face and press the button, shooting a stream of pepper spray outwards from the can. Pepper spray is just as easy to use as a can of spray paint. Once it hits your attacker's face, pepper spray causes itchy, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, and a range of additional symptoms to make the attacker cease immediately.

Can pepper spray be carried and used legally?

Although pepper spray is legal almost anywhere in the world, some places do have state or local laws restricting the carrying or use of pepper spray. If in doubt, contact your local law enforcement agency through their non-emergency number before purchasing pepper spray. You may also need a permit or class to legally carry pepper spray with you or use it for self defense.

Will I get sprayed with my own pepper spray?

Pepper spray canisters have safety latches, making it extremely unlikely that they will be sprayed accidentally. In addition, modern formulations of pepper spray are released in a steady stream that is easily aimed, making it unlikely that you will hit bystanders or yourself with the stream.

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