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Self Defense On A Keychain?

When choosing self defense products, above all else you must select something that is easy to keep accessible. A self defense device is useless if you can't have it ready to use the second you need it, or worse, it is sitting at home in the bottom of a drawer. If you are faced with a potentially violent situation, time is of the essence. Instead of choosing a large personal protection weapon, why not choose a compact keychain self defense device? The ideal portable way to protect yourself, it is a great solution to the problem of convenience.

There are several excellent options when it comes to self defense keychains. The most popular of these is the keychain pepper spray canister, often referred to as a 'pepper shot.' Containing between half an ounce and an ounce of powerful pepper spray, mini canisters of pepper spray have more than enough inside to disable any attacker, allowing you to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

Personal alarms are another popular self defense option that comes in a keychain-sized form. Although they cannot physically stop an attacker like a can of pepper spray could, personal alarms are invaluable for calling attention to a wide variety of situations, including not only potential violence but also slips or medical emergencies. The piercing noise of a personal alarm can cause an attacker to flee for fear of being caught. Personal alarms are a popular choice for children and elderly people, particularly. Personal alarm keychains look just like remote locks for a vehicle, and are very easy to use.

If you prefer a more hands-on method for fighting against an assailant, take a look at keychain batons, often known as a kubuton. This short baton telescopes into a full-length personal protection device. A powerful weapon when in the hands of the right person, it does require some skill and strength to use the device correctly. Still, the keychain baton has a very intimidating appearance.

Keychain-sized self defense products make an excellent choice because they are discreet and easy to carry. These easy to use devices can dramatically increase the chance of you escaping the attack unharmed. When you're considering your safety, remember that you must be able to rely on the products that you have with you. Keychain-sized pepper spray canisters, personal alarms, and batons are some of the best ways to guarantee that you'll always have something to protect yourself from an attacker. You'll be sure to never leave home without it, so you won't be caught without your self defense device when you really need it.

Keychain self defense products are great for everyone, and they make the perfect stocking stuffers to keep your family and friends safe from harm this holiday season. More useful than almost anything else you could buy for them, it will give you peace of mind to know that those closest to you are protected. Your gift could even safe the live of a loved one someday.

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