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"6 Home Security Tips For Seniors"

Age brings wisdom, but it also brings unique challenging. Even in cases where home care or assisted living-type situations are not required, there are a few important safety precautions that seniors must consider, especially those who live alone.

One of the biggest risks for seniors is a fire in the home. Without early warning, escape is difficult, particularly when decreased mobility is taken into account. Always install working smoke alarms that are routinely tested. These should be connected to home security systems that will alert the fire department if a fire is detected. Remind older relatives of the dangers of cooking or smoking in the home. Seniors should follow the same fire precautions as younger people, such as planning an escape route for emergency situations.

Elderly people living alone are particularly vulnerable to break-ins. To protect your older family members, attach door and window alarms that can beckon the needed help if someone is trying to break in. A dummy camera can make burglars think that someone is watching, even when they know that the resident lives alone.

To avoid slips or falls, which are unfortunately common, install appropriate safety features in and around the home, such as bars in the shower and non-slip rugs. Safety features like these are the key to avoiding falls and in-home accidents. Good lighting, both indoors, and out, helps the resident see well and also keeps potential criminals from thinking that the home is unoccupied.

Personal alarms are an essential personal security device for seniors. Not only can they be used on doors and windows, but they are also useful to summon help after a fall, medical emergency, or other situation where assistance may become necessary. Placing several such alarms around the home can give you peace of mind when leaving elderly family members home alone.

A canister of pepper spray is an excellent options for seniors who are mobile enough to defend themselves. Seniors often feel vulnerable in public or dependent on others for their safety. Pepper spray is a device for seniors looking to protect themselves against a purse-snatcher or other criminal. Easy to use, this device can give a sense of freedom and independence.

Some older people may need a reminder of personal safety principles when in public. For example, they may carry large amounts of cash to avoid bank trips. Of course, this is quite dangerous, especially if someone sees them counting the cash or paying for a purchase. Street crimes are often crimes of opportunity perpetrated by criminals looking for easy targets; unfortunately, this may make your older relatives an easy target. Some senior citizens also need a reminder to lock their doors and windows, as they may be accustomed to keeping them open even when leaving the house.

Becoming older is no reason to give up independence, but seniors must consider their safety seriously, including fires, medical emergencies, break-ins, and other situations, taking steps to reduce the risk of these dangers.

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