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Why Is Pepper Spray Such An Effective weapon?

For any situation or reason, pepper spray is an excellent self defense option. This inexpensive and effective personal defense weapon is legal to carry nearly anywhere. Though it is easy to use, there are a few surprising facts you may not know about pepper spray.

1) The idea behind pepper spray is very old. In fact, peppers have been used against one's enemies for thousands of years. Though pepper spray in aerosol cans is, of course, a modern invention, peppers were used in ancient times in the form of bags filled with dried pepper and spices. In ancient Japan, pepper was thrown into the face of criminals as a form of punishment.

2) Pepper spray is also effective against animals. It has been used effectively against bears, mountain lions, pet dogs, and many other animal species. All U.S. Postal Service carriers have pepper spray, specifically as protection against attacking dogs. Pepper spray is a surprisingly versatile self defense product.

3) Pepper spray is much hotter than plain peppers. Both peppers and pepper spray are rated in Scoville Heat Units, or SHUs. The higher the number, the hotter the pepper. A jalapeno pepper rates at about 5,000 SHU, and a habanero up to 300,000. Pepper sprays, meanwhile, come it at around 2 million SHU. The newest versions even come near 3 million SHU. Pepper spray packs quite a powerful punch when compared to regular peppers when it comes to their burning effect.

4) The effects of pepper spray last quite a while. Never seen anyone get sprayed in the face with pepper spray? If so, you'll be surprised at just how fast the pepper spray affects them and how long they stay down. The effects are nearly immediate, and pepper spray should immobilize an attacker for at least 15 minutes, and in many cases, over half an hour.

5) Pepper spray canisters can be disguised. Many people don't like the idea of carrying a spray canister with them everywhere. Pepper spray pens, jogging weights, and other disguised devices can make you more comfortable carrying this effective self defense device.

6) Pepper spray doesn't just stop the attack, it can help catch the attacker. Pepper spray doesn't just scare criminals away. Many versions of pepper spray also mark them with UV dye. Your attacker won't even know he's marked until caught by police. The UV dye in the spray glows brightly under a blacklight, making it readily apparent that the person the police have caught is the same one you sprayed. This feature of pepper spray is a very useful tool in positively identifying your attacker.

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