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5 Reasons For Women To Carry Pepper Spray

It's easy to think that a violent attack will never happen to you, but the reality is that violence against women occurs everyday all across the globe.

Pepper spray is a very effective tool for evading attackers of any sort, whether they may be trying to break into your home, steal your purse, or rape you. Their effective range is between six and fifteen feet away, meaning that you don't need to be very close to the assailant for it to work. Although it must be sprayed into his face to be effective, it shoots out in a very wide stream, and should be effective even if your aim is not very accurate.

When choosing pepper spray, you should look for something that you can carry with you. Portable canisters or even those attached to key chains are a great way to keep it with you at all times. These tiny devices hold an ounce and can be easily carried in even the smallest clutch.

If you don't feel comfortable carrying something that looks like a spray canister, there are other options. Pepper spray comes in pink canisters and other fun colors, not just black or silver. There are also devices disguised as other items, from cell phones to pens to lipstick containers. These forms can make you more comfortable with carrying a self defense device.

Whether you choose a concealed canister, a portable canister, or even a larger can of pepper spray, your can will hold several one-second bursts, more than enough to disable an attacker. You must be comfortable with your self defense choice, because carrying these items does no good if you are afraid to use it should the time come. Many women are much more comfortable carrying a non lethal weapon rather than a gun, knife, stun gun, or other weapon. It requires no skill to successfully use the spray against an attacker.

Before purchasing a canister, you should know all of the applicable local laws. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but there are restrictions in some areas. Once you get the pepper spray, you should learn how to disable the safety latch, but you shouldn't test out the pepper spray unless it is necessary to stop an attacker. Using it is just like using any other spray can.

Arming yourself with a self defense device like pepper spray is an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to stop yourself from being harmed. These products are designed particularly for women's self defense needs, and are easy to carry discreetly and use quickly, even for those who have never used pepper spray. Why take the chance on becoming a victim when preparing yourself is so easy?

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