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5 Theft Deterrents for Home and Property

One way not to be robbed or burgled is the use of theft deterrents. Theft deterrents are not necessarily things that you buy but techniques that you employ that make you and what you own undesirable targets for criminals. Here are five theft deterrents that may work for you.

There are a few things to know about criminals. Most are not like you see on movies like "The Italian Job" or "Ocean's 11." They will not pursue your belongings relentlessly that is, unless you have several million dollars in a fortress of a house or a casino you own. For the most part, they ferret out people who are unaware of them and have something about them that says, "easy target."

1. Post alarm system signs in plain sight. Thieves are reluctant to hit houses with alarm system signs outside or alarm stickers on windows. It is too big a risk to try and break into that home even if the signs are decoys. There are easier targets without alarm systems.

2. Remove all visible items from your car. Just because your car is in the driveway doesn't mean a criminal won't go for it. When you get out at night, take all of your valuables inside. Don't leave laptops, GPS systems, keys, iPods or money in your car where it can be seen. If a thief can see it, they will go after it. By the time you hear the window break, they'll be long gone.

3. Lock your doors and windows. The first thing a burglar will do is check for the easy way in. Open windows or closed but unlocked windows are perfect entrances for thieves. Also, lock your garage door if it leads to the inside of your home. This advice extends to automobiles. Many people don't lock their cars in their driveways or carports. Always lock your car doors. A thief won't strike when you are awake and watching but asleep and oblivious.

4. Install outside motion lights. Even in the absence of an alarm system, anyone getting near the house will trigger the floodlights to shine and blind. A thief will run because they don't wish to be seen doing their dirty deeds. This is also an effective deterrent when you are away from home.

5. Panic buttons. Most car key fobs contain a red button that says PANIC. If you notice someone following you as you go to your car, push the button. Your car will light up like a Christmas tree and squeal loudly. People will look and the thief will look for someone else to target.

It's like putting that stuff on your kid's nails so they won't bite them anymore. If you are too high maintenance, a thief will move on to easier prey.

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