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5 Personal Safety Products That Could Save Your Life

When you go out of your home, do you feel safe? What would make you feel safe from criminals who might try to victimize you? Here is a list of some of the most common personal safety products for you to consider if you want extra protection to feel safe.

Your environment dictates the method of personal security you use. For instance, if you are a female truck driver, you are alone on the road most of the time. There are a number of situations you might encounter where you are vulnerable.

On the other hand, let's say you are a man who makes deliveries for a company. Your customers could live in some undesirable places or you could be making deliveries after dark. What would you need to defend yourself?

Personal safety products are used as deterrents to crime. Be careful not to think of them as offensive weapons. It is better to flee if you can than to challenge a criminal.

1. Pepper Spray - This is a popular little product. It goes without saying but don't spray into a headwind or you'll be the one getting an eye full of pepper spray. It can be used to keep attacking dogs away when you are out jogging. The stuff does hurt badly but you won't kill anyone. Even if you spray someone you felt was threatening you in error, they will get the message not to sneak up on you.

2. Taser - This product is controversial because of some deadly results. Although all of those situations involved police and suspects, know how to use this weapon properly. A taser allows you to deliver an incapacitating shock to your attacker without being too close to them.

3. Stun Gun - If you are attacked from behind or the assailant gets close to you, a stun gun will take them down. Even a big attacker will let go of you so you can get away.

4. Personal Alarms - All you have to do is push the button or pull the key and a loud sound will alert anyone in the area that something is wrong. Criminals don't like to draw attention to them so you can get away as they look around to see who is watching.

5. Batons - These can be used to fight off animals that threaten you. Some batons are retractable so they can fit in your purse or pocket. When you get ready to use it, just extend it out so you can hit an animal or person without them getting to close.

You'll notice no lethal weapons are mentioned. They are a choice for trained individuals but unless you are trained, the danger is as much to you as to the assailant. The above personal security products will help you get away from danger.

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