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5 Questions On How to Choose a Home Security System

Protecting your family and all of the things that you have worked hard for is important to you. A home security system is almost a must in this day and age.

There are several on the market but all are not the same. Choose the one that best fits your situation and gives the most features for your money.

Here are some of the top things to consider when purchasing a home security system.

Size of Your Home

Alarm systems have varying ranges especially if they are wireless. With a large home or one with lots of doors and windows, a wired system might require a lot of holes to be drilled just to connect the system up.

Features Included with the System

The basic system will secure doors (and windows if applicable) so that you can feel safe. But, other things can happen that an alarm system can help with. Alarm keypads with fire, police and emergency buttons are coming standard with most alarm systems. Also, check to see if they offer carbon monoxide sensors, fire alarms and radon gas sensors for a start.

What Type of Motion Sensors You'll Need

The security system will be used when you are at home and away. Some activate the motion sensors at night. If you have small children that get up frequently to go to the bathroom or tiptoe to the kitchen for water, you don't want to scare the bejesus out of them with the alarm going off as soon as they step into the hall. Will the system include motion lighting outside?

How Many Keypads Should You Have?

Home security systems give you at least one keypad and most people place it near the door. If they offer a free second keypad, you can place it in the bedroom area of the house for quick access in an emergency. Ask about additional keypads.

What Type of Monitoring Does the Company Offer?

What is ideal is 24-hour monitoring from a central monitoring station. When the alarm sounds, they will call you immediately. They also call local authorities if you hit the fire, police or emergency buttons from the keypad. Is the monitoring station automated or are there live people on the other end? In an emergency you want live people.

Are you interested in a home security system? You'll get a discount on your homeowner policy for taking the initiative to secure your home, family and property. Choose wisely so you get the top of the line and not the bottom of the heap.

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