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Self Defense: 5 Ways to Avoid Being a Victim

When people think of self defense they imagine karate movies and swift kicks to the groin. In reality, self defense is not as much about fighting back as it is about getting away and avoiding a confrontation.

Here are a five things that you can do in an effort to not become an easy target for those who would seek to hurt you.

Have you ever seen a person that just made your "spidey sense" tingle? Because of all you have learned in your life, you can sense when something is wrong. Don't ignore that. It will save your life.

1. Survey Your Surroundings. When you go shopping or even out to dinner, look around for a place to park that is near others in a well lit area. Watch for suspicious characters when you are getting out of your car and walking back to your car. Robbers are looking for people who are occupied with other things.

2. Yell Your Head Off. If anyone is around (and they will come if they are not) they will hear you. It scares criminals who don't want to draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Yell for help or just start rambling. Throw self consciousness to the wind when your life is being threatened.

3. Learn a Few Basic Self Defense Techniques. Sometimes you can be caught off guard by an attacker. In that case, knowing a few basic self defense techniques can give you time to get away. You are not trying to "take him down" but free yourself from his grasp.

The technique that you use will be based on the position you are in. For instance, if the attacker grabs you from behind, step back into his foot with your heel. If he is facing you, go for the eye gouge or the groin kick if you are that close.

4. Be the "Bigger" Person in an Argument. Many attacks occur as the result of an argument. Maybe someone cut in front of you or said something that you didn't like. Not knowing how the other person will react let the situation end there. If someone is arguing with you agree with them and walk away. Diffusing the situation can stop a confrontation.

5. Never Leave the Primary Location. Statistics show that when a victim leaves the location where they were carjacked or kidnapped, they usually don't survive. Do whatever you can to get away and not be carried away by the attacker.

Criminals don't like victims who fight back. They also don't approach people who are aware of their surroundings. Keep your wits about you and refuse to be a victim. As always carry some sort of non lethal weapon such as pepper spray or a personal alert alarm.

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