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Pepper Spray is Your Defense!

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where crime rates are soaring in conjunction with the demographic of the single woman. More and more women today are single than in any other generation previous. It is sad and regrettable that as women are getting increasingly independent, they are also at a much higher risk of assault, theft, and battery. If you are a single woman and would feel comfortable with some added protection while in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you may want to consider purchasing non-lethal self defense tools. You need to think of these tools, not as weapons, but as a confidence building measure that in case of dire need you can do something.

One of the most popular non-lethal and legal means of defending yourself is the pepper spray. Pepper spray is easy to use, it is affordable, and most importantly, it is an extremely effective tool when it comes to self-defense. Pepper spray has been widely used by law enforcement agencies to control riots, enraged animals, or aggressive criminal suspects. Now it is available on the market for personal self-defense that anyone can use. Pepper spray is also easy enough to carry around in a purse, handbag, or even in your coat pocket. Pepper spray is effective, non-lethal, legal, and convenient.

The way that pepper spray will provide self-defense for you is that it contains a chemical compound that will subdue and incapacitate any attacker you should come in contact with. The most effective means of using this self-defense tool is if possible, spraying it directly at your attacker's eyes. When you do this, mucus membranes will become inflamed and your attacker's response is to close their eyes and they may even lose their vision temporarily. Pepper spray also contains agents that will create breathing restrictions for your attacker if the spray has a high concentration. Given that the effect of such sprays can last for just under an hour, you have more than enough time to make a quick getaway.

It is not just the spray that can be used for self-defense, there are other mechanisms too. Personal alarms are also a very effective self-defense tool, and these can be used in conjunction with pepper spray. These often come in the form of small key rings or remote devices that can easily be tucked in a purse or coat pocket. If you find yourself in a high-risk situation where danger is imminent, you can press a button on your personal alarm that will sound an alarm and possibly disarm or scare away your attacker. The assailant wants to escape successfully too. The potential victim must hence do every thing possible to attract attention.

If making noise does not do the trick, they you must seriously consider spraying the person and making a hasty exit. You only need enough time to get away. Do think of it as your personal responsibility to find out about local rules and laws about using pepper spray before buying, carrying, or using it.

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