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Women Need To Think Ahead and Fight Back

Two of the most important things that women should remember in trying to stay safe are to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations when possible, and if that fails, be willing to fight back against the assailant.

There is no magic bullet or magic cure for helping people stay safe in their homes or on the street.

Mental preparedness is the key to staying out of danger.  If you can stay sharp and mentally prepared than you have a much better chance of staying safe. What we want to do is to identify and stay out of dangerous situations.

For example, while walking on the street, cross to the other side if someone up ahead looks threatening.  In addition, change directions on the street and run the other way if a car drives along and is obviously following you.  If that fails, find a store or business to run into for help.

If somebody is going to attack you and you have no mental preparation on what to do, then their attack is probably going to be successful.  If one is carrying pepper spray or mace, it should be in hand and ready to use, and not at the bottom of a purse.

People should also safeguard their homes to avoid potential invasions.

Take time to look at your home and figure out the easiest way someone could get in.

Ground-floor windows should be locked, and locks on doors should be replaced with dead bolts when moving into a new residence.  Hollow or thin doors should be replaced with solid or metal doors, and sliding glass doors can be secured by laying a broom stick handle in the floor track.  Glass panels also can be covered with metal grills, and motion lights near doors are good deterrents for burglars.

Don't rely on security chains because they're virtually useless and can be kicked in.  On top of that, strangers should never be allowed in one's home to use a phone. Instead, make the call for the individual while they wait outside.

In addition, individuals should have a plan if they experience a home invasion.

Very seldom do people think about what they're going to do if an intruder comes in.  But, it's been proven that if you don't have a plan you'll probably freeze and be very vulnerable.

An escape route, or going to a safe room that can be locked and contains a phone and flash light, are possible plans.

While knowing basic self-defense techniques are helpful, all individuals should take some sort of instruction class that drills students repeatedly.

Unless you train consistently on this, it is extremely difficult to remember self-defense methods.

Most people have items they carry with them, such as keys, pens or other sharp items that can serve as potential weapons.

The elbow also can be used as a potential weapon against an assailant.

The elbow is the hardest surface on the human body, anytime you are justified to strike and are close enough to use your elbow, use it.  It's the weapon of choice.  Your knees are excellent, too but they can be damaged when used in self defense.

One basic self-defense technique that is effective is to slam the palm of a hand into the nasal septum area above the lips of the assailant.  From there, a knee can be shoved into the groin area, further giving the victim a chance to escape.

If an assailant has someone cornered, the victim also can take both hands and clap the hands on both sides of the assailant's head (on the ears), which creates a lot of pain.  This would be followed by a hit with an elbow, or knee to the groin, to allow for escape.  Victims also can bite the assailant or gauge at his eyes in dire situations.

I will tell you this, you have a right to protect yourself from death or serious bodily injury. The biggest barrier in protecting yourself is not your opponent's size, it's your willingness to act.

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