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"How to Protect Yourself With Pepper Spray"

Pepper spray protection is the most popular self-defense tool of choice for both women and men. This is because pepper spray protection is convenient to carry, easy to deploy, and effective at stopping attackers. It is legal in most states.

Pepper Spray Training

In order to maximize pepper spray's protective capabilities, anyone who owns pepper spray should take pepper spray training from an expert. You can find classes in your local yellow pages. Look up self-defense classes, martial arts trainers, community programs, public law enforcement classes, and so on. There is a right way and a wrong way to use pepper spray.

First and foremost, if you draw your weapon, you must use it. Pepper spray is not a scary looking object, even though more and more people are beginning to recognize it. If you aim the canister at an attacker, immediately spray. The spray will discharge in a stream or foam, depending on your model. If a stream, wave it back and forth in a tight pattern, directly into his face. Empty the can on him, keep the can, and run (if he somehow recovers quickly and sees the unspent can, he could use it back on you.)

Secondly, know how to release the safety so that you can use it. On canisters, the safety is a pin or lock that you pull. On rings, the safety is a latch on the side of the ring that you pull down with the thumb of the same hand you're wearing it on.

Thirdly, get to know which direction to spray. If you spray the canister backward, the results could be disastrous.

Once you know how to use pepper spray, you can walk with greater peace of mind and personal security.

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