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Women, Crime Statistics and Pepper Spray

As all of us - or at least most of us - know, personal attacks are on the rise around the world and have been for quite some time. Not only that, but these attacks are becoming more brutal than they had been in the past. Women get attacked more than men and are at greater risk. As a result, women are looking for ways to defend themselves.

The City of Hope released some statistics regarding attacks on women. The findings are:
- 1 in every 3 women across the world has been subjugated to rape or sexual assault. (Data: 2001)
- In some developing countries, at least one-third of the adolescent girls have been forced into sexual initiation (Data: 2002) 
- Sex crimes in South Africa take place every twenty seconds. (Data: 2000)
- Major incidents of rapes have been reported in 12 African provinces. The rate has increased considerably from 182 in 2001 to 270 in 2002.
- 14,000 of the 331,815 reported crimes committed against women in the Russian Federation were rapes.
- According to a survey in the United Kingdom it was found that 19.4 % of the women there have been victims of some kind of sexual violence. (Data: 2001)

Now let's take a look at the US

- One of the startling facts is that 1 in 3 American women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
- 89% of sexual crimes have been committed by someone known to the victim.
- In 2002, there were 247,730 victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.
- In 2005-2006, there were 232,010 victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.
- Around 44% of rape victims are under age 18, while 80% are under age 30.

As a result of these statistics, the sale of self-defense tools and weapons has skyrocketed. One product that is sold the most is Pepper Spray.

Pepper Spray comes in various forms, containers and sizes, and will disorient your attacker when used properly, giving you enough time to get away to safety and get help. Pepper Spray comes in a regular spray, foam and gel. All of these are effective because they will make the attacker's eyes slam shut and start burning immediately, and start them coughing and having a hard time breathing.

Pepper Spray is easy to use, affordable, and can be carried in your pocket or purse. It can come in canisters that include regular spray cans, ball point pen disguises, lipstick disguises, cell phone disguises, and more.

It is essential that women find a way to protect themselves. Pepper Spray is an excellent, non-lethal way to do this. Don't become a victim!

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