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Self Defense Products for Women

The growth of self defense products for women has been considerable, particularly in areas of the country where the crime rate has risen. With many assault and rape crimes being committed in suburban areas that were once considered safe, more women are looking to protect themselves with weapons or devices that will stop attackers in their tracks.

The good news for women seeking self protection is the myriad of options that are now available. From training courses to simple devices, the number of products designed for self defense has risen sharply over the past couple of decades.

What Types of Self Defense Products are Available?

Most of the products designed for self defense are in the non-lethal, easy to use category. They are mostly designed to slow down, distract, or temporarily stop a potential attacker which allows women to get away. A good number of the products have been on the market for years and many require little to no training to use properly.

Pepper Spray: An older product that is highly effective, pepper spray is designed to distract and temporarily stop a potential attacker at a short distance. The product Fox Pepper Sprayitself is essentially an aerosol can that sprays a concoction of hot pepper and other irritants into the eyes of the attacker up to several feet away.

The upside of the product is that even when the attacker tries to shield their eyes, it can still irritate and temporarily blind them. This provides enough time to get away if driving or reaching help that is nearby. However, you must be fairly close to the attacker for it to work which may be problematic when trying to use the product quickly.

Stun Gun: There are two types of stun gun devices. One that works at a distance by shooting out two wires that carry a bolt of electricity which temporarily stuns the attacker and one that works by pressing it against the side of the attacker. When used correctly, the stun gun is highly effective as even the strongest attacker will be rendered helpless for a short period.

Plus, thanks to advanced technology stun guns can be carried on the keychain, as lipstick, or like your smartphone for easy use. Very little training is required to use the stun gun properly, although practicing a few times without activating the device is recommended so that you press or aim it correctly.

About the only downside is that if the attacker can knock it out of your hands, they may be able to pick it up and use it against you.

Cat Safety Keychain: This is a new product on the market which fits on your keychain and acts like brass knuckles. Crafted from hard plastic or metal and in the shape of a cat’s head complete with ears, you simply push your middle and ring finger through the “eyes” and the ears will protrude outward to add additional pain to your punches.

You will need some fighting training to make this type of defense effective as the power and pain of your punches will be enhanced, but the keychain is easy to use and is with you all the time.

Kubo Kicks: This is an interesting self defense weapon that is placed on your shoes. It consists of lightweight, but solid material that is fitted to your shoelaces so that you never forget to carry them with you as long as you are wearing your shoes. It is perfect for those who walk or jog in open areas. If attacked, you simply kick to the vulnerable areas of the attacker. The Kubo Kicks amplify the power of your strikes to better disable them so you can get away.

Kubo Kicks are simple, easy to place on your shoes, legal in all public areas, and effective with the proper kicking techniques. It is recommended that you get some self defense training so that your kicks will have maximum impact on the attacker.

Slap Hat: Interestingly enough, this is a variation of the old TV series “The Avengers” where John Steed had a metal plate in his bowler that he used for self defense. The slap hat uses the same principle as it is disguised like an ordinary ball cap. However, the material is about as dense as lead, so when held by the bill it becomes a surprisingly effective weapon.

The downside is that the bill itself is not very stable, so it can be easy to miss an assailant if you do not strike in the right manner. Still, for women who are walking, jogging, or dressed casually where the cap does not stand out, it can be quite a surprise for potential attackers and do serious damage when it strikes.

Smith & Wessen Tactical Pen: This is a pen that is constructed out of aluminum which provides you with a striking weapon. The pen itself is quite useful as a writing instrument and stylus for use with computer screens. When used properly, it can deliver a strong blow to a potential attacker thanks to its solid aluminum construction.

However, you will need to undergo some training to use then pen correctly. Ideally, you need to hold it as a striking weapon to inflict enough damage to cause an attacker to back off. This requires some strength, dexterity, and training to use properly.

Personal Safety Alarm: If a straightforward defense weapon is simply not practical Mace Srortstrobedue to mobility issues, the personal safety alarm may be the best answer. This is a small device which is activated by pulling the pin. It gives off an alarm that reaches up to 130 decibels which not only startles the attacker, it lets everyone know within a large radius that you are being threatened.

However, this alarm is not so much a self defense device as one designed to deter an attack through passive means. 

Self defense products for women are created with the idea of temporarily stopping or deterring an attack. Keep in mind that being alert and ready is the best defense to help you avoid unwanted situations.

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