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Most Popular Pepper Spray Brands

Few people know the exact number of pepper sprays brands available on the market. For instance, in the United States, there are over 50 different brands of pepper sprays. Most of these brands don’t make it to the U.S market for one reason or another. In this post, we are going to discuss the most popular pepper spray brands commonly used by civilians in the United States. Keep in mind that these products are different from those used by law enforcement officers.

All civilians look at pepper sprays with the same kind of elements that law enforcement agencies do in terms of effectiveness. Regardless of where you buy pepper spray products or who buys them, these products serve the same purpose for civilians as they do for law enforcement agencies. They are the best nonlethal alternative to the destructive effects of guns.

For instance, law enforcement officers use brands that you may not be familiar with such as DEF-TEC, DPS, and Bodyguard. They look for the effectiveness of the pepper spray brand and the range of the spray to make sure it is Taser compatible. For civilians, they use different brands meant for personal safety and security. Some of these top products are featured below.

Where to buy pepper spray brands we mentioned above is a concern of many people. There are several companies out there, one of them being U Back Off. We recommend this company because of its huge selection of convenient, inexpensive and effective self-defense products from a number of manufacturers.


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