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Fox Pepper Spray - Why Is It the Best?

Whether you reside in the dangerous side of town or fear being mugged,  self-defense should be your primary concern. With most places banning guns from their premises, it leaves a law abiding person exposed to the whims of those not caring about the rules. Why would you go to an open venue unarmed and be an open target for unhinged minds. Potent Pepper Sprays from Fox Labs can help you stop an attacker dead in his tracks. The sprays aren’t lethal and provide ample protection. After decades of use by law enforcement agents, the sprays has been made accessible to civilians to make self-defense easier. 

Fox Pepper Sprays have an unsurpassed, field-proven reliability, and their overall superiority is unparalleled. Don’t let the size of the bottle fool you. The spray bottle might appear tiny, but it contains 6% oleoresin capsicum, a derivative of  super hot Habanero Peppers, making it the most active fiery spray. A majority of pepper sprays available on the market are labeled between ½ a million and 2 million SHUs (Scoville Heat Units). Fox Pepper Spray is enhanced to 5.3 million SHUs, which means its potency is as much as 2 times greater than other sprays you find on the market.

The bottles come in three convenient sizes, 2, 3, and 4 oz units. The small size makes it easy to carry the bottle in your pocket or in your hand. The bottles are outfitted with a key chain which makes them easy to carry around everywhere you go. The Cop Top design has an open top with immediate access to the trigger, while the Flip Top has a spring loaded top for an added safety feature to protect against accidental discharge.

Fox Labs Splatter Stream system generates a stronger burst than its competitors: 16 to 18 half second bursts for the 2 oz bottle, 26 to 28 half second bursts for the 3 oz. bottle, and 34 to 36 for the 4 oz. size. This makes it easier for you to spray the attacker in the eyes and face without having to aim perfectly. Additionally, the stream can reach up to 20 ft., so you can deploy the spray even if you aren’t physically close to the attacker. Fox Pepper Sprays also contain a visible green UV dye to make it easier to identify the assailant, so someone near you can come to your aid.

Every bottle comes with a 2-year warranty. The warranty ensures that the product works as it should, especially when you are in a potentially dangerous situation. Since pepper sprays have a finite shelf life, it is a good idea to check the date of manufacture on the bottle. Using an expired unit could diminish its effectiveness and the bottle won’t discharge the spray properly. All Fox Pepper Spray purchases are backed by a 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee so you have the opportunity to try it and if you aren’t satisfied, you can claim a refund.

At the end of the day, safety comes first.

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