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PG7 Pepper Gun

The term ‘self defense’ gets thrown around casually in conversations but its importance should be taken very seriously. Crime rate has slowly but steadily risen across the world and we are not immune to it. The rise in extremism, terrorist threats, ethnic violence, trespassing incidents and the abundance of guns have only added to the woes that security faces today.

It is not surprising that many households apply for gun license and guns every day. However, the problem with that is that people often end up getting carried away and start misusing the guns. You only have to run an internet search to see how people use guns irresponsibly. Whether it is the news of a 2 year old shooting his mom or a 15 year old raining gun shots at innocents as a result of lack of supervision.

How do you tackle this paradox?  How do you protect yourself from all the unsavory lurkers and at the same time not break the law? The only reasonable thing to do is to invest in non lethal personal defense. PG7 pepper gun is a means for self protection without rendering any life costing harm to anyone.

It is a security tool used by law enforcers throughout the world. It also comes highly recommended for personal safety and home protection purposes. Most of the private security personnel carry it with them. PG7 pepper gun is a way to neutralize your target while you call for help or raise an alarm in your neighborhood.

PG7 pepper gun is an efficient tool as it can fire 7 rounds of hot pepper that burst into fumes on impact. It is known to make people wince with extreme pain and make their vision blurry. Some people have also found it hard to breathe because of the thick pepper cloud.

It allows you to shoot accurately up to a distance of 50ft. It is easy to carry because it’s made of lightweight material. It uses a 12 gram Co2 cartridge that will need to be bought separately. It has a 7 round magazine and you get a hard plastic case to store it and it makes it easy to carry your PG7 around.

The makers have also put a thought into the aesthetics of the gun as it comes in super serious ‘black’ and super fun ‘orange’. I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with ‘Orange is the new black’.  There is more than one reason for you to place an order for your new PG7 pepper gun at http://www.ubackoff.com/item_34/PG7-Pepper-Gun-Starter-Kit.htm. There is a sale on it.

The home defense kit that you will order has 10 practice rounds, 10 live rounds, 7 round magazine and a maintenance kit. It is easy to maintain, but you still don’t want to take it for granted. You may want to check your local laws about carrying a PG7 pepper gun in a holster in public, though.

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