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Fox Pepper Sprays

Pepper sprays are in demand these days. The reason they have become the people’s obvious choice is that everyone can use them for self-defense. It is not like a firearm where a proper lesson is required to operate the gun or you have to be cautious with the fact that the object you are holding in your hand has the capacity to take a life. Pepper spray is a non-lethal device that provides you the perfect mechanism to defend yourself from a safe distance and gives you time to run away or call for help. Fox pepper sprays have become the choice for most people.

Before selecting the fox pepper spray that you are inclined to purchase there are certain pieces of information that you need to be acquainted with. First of all you need to take into account the container in which the fox pepper spray is present. Fox offers a wide range of choices which you can make your selection based on your feasibility. Another thing that you need to take into account before making your final selection is the lid of the container. It is advisable to opt for containers that are safer and don’t lead you towards accidents. Keep in mind that most of the fox pepper sprays have a lasting effect of around 35 to 45 minutes and it would be appropriate if you replace your fox pepper spray at least every two years. Make sure that you check it regularly to ensure that it has not dried up.

Fox pepper sprays are available in different sizes and one can choose size as per convenience and ease. There are personal pocket units that may be good if you want to carry them in your shirt pocket. Their advantage is that you can keep them in close proximity all the time. Another available variant is the spring loaded flip top that contains heavy and medium stream spray patterns. In case you are a frequent visitor of enclosed areas like hospitals and schools and wish to have a fox pepper spray that becomes handy in these places, you can go for the foam units. There are several other products available, including the fire master top, the inert training units, personal size duty belt units and crowd control tanks that are meant to be used for a large crowd.

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