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Defending Yourself In Your Home: Things You Can Do To Decrease Your Chance of Robbery and Increase Your Safety

It is something we all dread.  We are fast asleep when a sudden noise wakes us.  Did it come from outside?  Is it getting louder?  Could it be?  Sadly, this kind of situation happens more often then not.  Home robberies occur in all neighborhoods, in all socioeconomic groupings.  You can’t eliminate the treat of a home robbery, but there are things you can do to decrease the chances of it happening while keeping yourself safe.  Lets review a few of them now.

Home Defense

When it comes to home defense, the best offense is a good defense.  Start with the outside of your home.  Make sure that all windows on the first floor are locked.  If you have the windows open, then make sure the screens have locks.  In addition, consider putting a motion sensor at the windows.  Every time a person opens a window, a loud beep will occur.  This is more then enough to stop any would be home invader in their tracks.  In addition, to securing the points of entry, consider reducing the amount of vegetation around your home.  This provides someone with plenty of coverage right next to your windows.  Cut bushes and trees back.  Finally, look into your house through your windows.  What can you see?  Chances are, the more small, portable electronics you have in clear view, the more likely someone is to see your home as a target.

Self Defense and Personal Protection

Any person looking to rob your house is also looking to get away without landing themselves in jail.  As a result, they will check out a place before the robbery, and make sure there are two exits.  A robber does not want to confront you, and may become hostile if trapped.  For personal protection, consider getting a dog.  Dogs will raise the alarm when there is a sound, and will dramatically reduce the chances of home invasion, as they are seen as a wildcard by would be home invaders.

In addition, when it comes to self defense, consider a whistle or pepper spray.  Both will startle and alarm an invader without causing serious risk or damage to you.  While many people like guns, guns more often then not provide little protection, as they are either to far away to be useful or the person does not have good enough training to fire effectively.  On top of that, they can lead to accidental shootings and death.

Regardless, stay safe, be careful, and good luck!

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