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"Finding the Right Pepper Spray for You"

When it comes to personal protection, you should never choose anything but the best.  Protection can come in a number of different forms, from whistles to guns.  However, if you want to effectively disable someone without causing possible harm, then there is no better alternative then pepper spray.

Pepper spray comes in a number of chemical mixtures and dispenser units.  Each pepper spray will have a unique formula, as well as its own design.  As a result, some pepper sprays are more effective then others.  If you are looking a pepper spray that is easy to use and safe, then look no further then Fox Pepper Spray.

Fox Pepper Spray

Fox Pepper Spray is used across the United States by law officials, government, military personnel, and civilians.  It is applauded for being simple, small, safe, and reliable.  In addition, it is available in a number of sizes, from small versions that can easily fit within the palm of your hand to sprays that use cartridges and can be held with two hands.  Regardless of the size, you will no doubt find exactly what you are looking for.

Is Pepper Spray Right For You?

If you are looking to protect yourself, then pepper spray is a good way to go.  It is much safer and less lethal then other forms of self-protection, like a gun or knife.  In addition, it is significantly more effective then a whistle.  Like with all forms of self protection, it is important to make sure you feel comfortable with it.

Fail Rate and Making Sure The Fox Pepper Spray Works

One reason why Fox Pepper Spray is used by so many people is because it is reliable.  In fact, Fox Pepper Spray has a failure rate equaling a fraction of one percent.  However, when it comes to personal protection, a fraction of one percent may not be acceptable.  If this is the case, then try testing your Fox Pepper Spray before use.  Fox Pepper Spray can be tested by releasing a short spout.  You should have your figure on the trigger for less then a second.  Be sure to test the Fox Pepper Spray outdoors, with your back to the wind.  As a final note, after testing, clear the tip of the pepper spray with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.  This will ensure the nozzle remains free of pepper particulates and it helps reduce you accidently touching the tip.

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