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How to Choose Pepper Spray

Buying Pepper Spray is an important step towards your personal safety.

Pepper sprays are very effective, non-lethal weapons used by the military, law enforcement officers, and the public. The main ingredient in all pepper sprays is Oleoresin Capsicums (OC). The percentage of OC in the pepper sprays you purchase, which generally varies from 1% to 10%, has very little to do with how effective the product is. Buying a pepper spray product with higher concentrations of OC does not necessarily mean that it is more effective than pepper sprays with lower OC concentrations.

There are many different kinds of OC pepper spray products available. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following important product features:

We carry only the best  Fox Pepper Sprays and Mace Pepper Sprays, which set the industry standard in personal self defense products. We also have numerous other products some of which are more passive in nature. Among them, the Mace Sportstrobe Personal Safety Alarm and the Mace Wreless Home Security System which does not require an alarm monitoring contract. If you are not sure what product to purchase, feel free to give us a call at 317-557-3951 or email us.

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