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When Should Pepper Spray Be Used?

If you are visiting a strange city or have moved to a new area, you may feel very unsettled for a while. Keeping a canister of our pepper spray handy can not only help you feel much safer and in control, but it could also save your life, should you be attacked. This is a very common reason behind carrying pepper spray. However, there are precautions that must be taken; pepper spray is not appropriate in all situations.

Although pepper spray is largely considered safe, it is only safe when used exactly as directed. In reality, pepper spray can be quite harmful if it is used incorrectly. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to properly use pepper spray long before you begin to carry it on you. This will ensure that you don’t cause any long-lasting harm to your attacker and will protect yourself from possible lawsuits in the future. It is also a important that you understand what situations are suitable for the use of pepper spray and which ones are not.

Pepper spray is intended to help you to render an adult human attacker temporarily blind for several minutes. This is only suitable when you, or another person or animal, are physically threatened. In some cases, it's also legally allowed to use pepper spray to protect your property.

Most other uses for pepper spray are considered illegal. There have been incidents when people have used pepper spray as a means to discipline a child. This is considered to be a form of child abuse, and can land you in legal hot water. The physical effects of pepper spray have not been tested on children. While it's believed that the effects will be temporary, as with the effects on adult targets, it is certainly possible for a child to sustain psychological issues as a result of being pepper sprayed.

In the past, pepper spray has also been used on dogs as a form of discipline and even as a training aid. The only time that it may be suitable to use pepper spray on a dog or any other animal is when you are directly threatened by the animal. Pepper spray is intended for human use and has not been tested on household pets. The effects could be severe and even deadly to a small animal. You could find yourself charged with animal cruelty for using pepper spray on an animal for any other reason besides self defense.

As you are probably aware of, pepper spray is not a toy and should not be used for practical jokes. Pepper spray should be kept in a secure and safe place away from a child’s access, as children may be tempted to use the spray on friends or even themselves. Pepper spray is a self defense weapon and should be handled with caution and stored correctly.

Although pepper spray is completely legal when used to defend yourself or others when you feel threatened, you should be sure to assess the situation before using the spray. It should not be used on children or non-threatening animals in any instance. Pepper spray may not be the right tool to use in any situation where a direct threat is not present.

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