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Self Defense For Women

Unfortunately, today there seems to be a growing need for women self defense methods. Although many women are paranoid that they're going to be attacked by a stranger in the park, the reality is that the assailant is more likely to be someone they know, according to statistics. This leaves many women unsuspecting and unprepared to react appropriately. It is a good idea for a woman to keep some sort of self defense tool on hand as a precautionary measure. There are several different types of devices to choose from, including pepper spray, personal alarms, and stun guns.

Pepper spray is a classic tool that should be in every woman self defense arsenal. Pepper spray comes in a variety of types and can even be purchased in canisters disguised as everyday objects such as a tube of lipstick and even jewelry. There are also ultra-portable keychain canisters, which are easy to take with you everywhere. Because it is so easily disguised, pepper spray offers women the chance to surprise their attacker, which in turn gives them a much better chance of getting away to safety.

A personal alarm, although not considered to be a weapon, makes a great self defense aid. The loud peal of the alarm can draw the attention of others. This is exactly what an attacker doesn't want, as it means being caught in the act and possibly being identified. As with pepper spray, personal alarms are now offered in a variety of clever disguises. Some look like decorative key chains, flashlights, or other everyday items. Alarms can also be incorporated into a nicely disguised pepper spray, which offers two strategic advantages in one small package.

One of the more popular self defense items for women is the stun gun. This is a handheld device that consists of a two-pronged tip. When turned on, a crackling electrical charge is conducted between the prongs. Often, this is enough to make an attacker turn and run. When the electrical charge comes into contact with a major muscle group, the muscles contract involuntarily and become useless for minutes at a time. This type of weapon is both effective and quite easy to operate. Stun guns are available in a wide range of voltages, and many models are disguised to look like cell phones.

Even if a woman keeps a self defense item in her car or handbag, there is still the chance that her home might be invaded. The options for home security are nearly endless, from surveillance cameras to alarms for the doors and windows. While these are essential, it's still important to have some way to physically fight off an attacker, if one does get inside.

If you want the security and comfort that a self defense tool can offer, take the time to consider each type and choose the one you feel most at ease with. It can be a little scary using a self defense weapon of any sort for the first time, so make sure that you select one that you feel confident carrying and using.

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