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Using a Keychain Personal Alarm For Self Defense

If you're in the market for self defense, you'll soon be surprised at the wide variety of tools at your disposal, including stun guns, pepper spray, and even martial arts training DVDs. One of the most common worries with many of these products is that they could be turned against you by an attacker. While this may be a potential, it certainly doesn't override the immense benefit of protecting yourself from harm. Still, there's one final option that allows you to protect yourself without the chance of it being used against you, and that is a personal alarm.

Unlike whistles, another way of using sound to alert others to your problem, personal alarms aren't hard to use. You don't have to get it to your mouth, or blow hard enough that it makes a loud sound. One press of the button and this tiny alarm emits am amazingly loud sound, often reaching 100 decibels or more. Personal alarms are an effective, lightweight, and inexpensive means of protection that anyone can use – even a child or an elderly relative. When carrying one of these alarms for self defense, here are a few tips to remember:

  1.  Always keep it in an easily accessible place. This is true of any personal defense product. Your alarm won't do you any good sitting in a desk drawer or floating around in the bottom of your backpack. Instead, attach it to your keys, which will usually be within easy reach.
  2.  Learn how to use the alarm. Though these devices are some of the easiest to use personal safety devices out there, you don't want to be fumbling for the right button when you really need it. Many personal alarms are designed with a safety switch, so you'll need to know where that is located, too. Press the button so that you can hear just how loud the alarm will sound; you don't want to be startled by it when you use the alarm in a real-life emergency.
  3. Choose the right moment to use it. Of course, these alarms should not be used unless there's an emergency, whether you are having a medical problem or are being attacked. Still, if confronted by violence, there are some moments that are better than others to use your alarm. The loud noise can catch an assailant off guard, giving you a split second to get away. When you see your chance, press the alarm and be prepared to act quickly to escape. 

Though you can't formulate an escape plan for every situation, having a general idea of how you would get away from an attacker is an excellent idea. During the attack, an adrenaline rush will make it difficult to think clearly. Because of this, it is important that you know exactly where to find your keychain alarm and how to use it.

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