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Security Considerations for Musicians

Whether you are an aspiring musician or an old-timer, playing in your garage or headlining a tour, being a musician puts your safety in jeopardy. It's not any fun to stop jamming to think about these details, but it is important. You probably have invested quite a bit of money in your equipment and instruments, which is an important consideration when it comes to home security. If you're fairly well-known as a musician, you can expect thieves in your city to know about your expensive collection.

If you keep your gear at home, make sure you have a safe place to store it. Many musicians equip a special room in their home with extra security alarms and surveillance cameras to protect their high-end instruments. As a musician, you must realize that your equipment might be an even higher priority for burglars than cash or jewelry. Take special care to record model names and serial numbers in case you need them for your insurance agency in the event of a theft, flood, or other loss. Everyone should be keeping records of their most valuable possessions, of course, but this is particularly essential for those in industries requiring specialized and expensive equipment.

When you are at home, pay attention to the signals you might be sending with your musical career. Is your neighborhood safe enough that you feel comfortable playing late into the night? Doing so might be advertising your expensive guitar or irritating a neighbor who may react in angry and violent ways. If you purchase new equipment, don't throw the boxes in the trash, or you'll be advertising the expensive gear that's in your home. Don't leave your instruments laying around the home in full view.

The security challenges of being a musician don't end at home. If you're out playing gigs late at night in bars and clubs, you might be confronted by drunk spectators. Carrying instruments and equipment in and out of your venue, whether a late-night bar or a daytime wedding, poses the danger of having your equipment stolen from your car or off the sidewalk. Invest in vehicle security devices and do not load your car in dark alleyways without trusted helpers.

Those who play lots of late-night gigs should take the additional step of preparing to defend themselves. Always carry pepper spray or similar self defense products to protect your safety. Of course, always follow alcohol safety guidelines, whether you're enjoying the show as a spectator or you're up on stage.

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